17 Signs You're the Hermione Granger Of Your Friend Group

Anytime we think of the Harry Potter series, we automatically become both happy and sad, first because of all the amazingness that is both the book and film franchise, but also because it’s officially over. Though Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home, we are also able to find a little bit of Harry Potter-ness wherever we go, especially in that special group of people we call our friends. Whether it is trying to dress up like her on Halloween or following Emma Watson’s movies with a passion, we all have that one bookish friend who is Hermione’s twin without even realizing it. So, here are 17 signs to tell whether or not you are the real Hermione amongst your friends (even if you don’t have her signature bushy hair!).

1. Pronunciation and enunciation are your two favorite words.

2. For you, school is the literal heaven on earth.

And who wouldn’t think Hogwarts is though?

3. You find books to be better than people.

4. The worst feeling is when a test or quiz is pushed back.

5. You never take anything from anyone.

6. You find you get a lot of exercise from raising your hand in class everyday.

7. You save your ultra-glam look for that one special occasion.

8. Sometimes a firm hand is all you need.

9. What's worst: expulsion or death? The former, definitely.

10. Compliments come with the territory.

11. Fighting back in is in your DNA.

12. You are willing to go the distance for your friends.

13. You know you can have fangirling moments, too.

14. You are always there to clue your friends in.

15. PDA isn’t really your thing.

16. Otters are your favorite animal.

17. You know some questions just HAVE to be asked.

So, tell us collegiettes, are you the Hermione of your group?