17 'Saved by the Bell' Scenarios We Would Have LOVED to See on Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s Saved by the Bell reunion was perfect; some might even say it was the greatest TBT of all time. We got Jessie scream-singing “I’m So Excited,” Zack’s brick phone, a nod to how undope drugs are, and a classic time out. But this tribute only left us wanting more. Below we’ve compiled a list of all the other scenarios we would have loved to see.

1. The rest of the gang

We get it. Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies had "prior commitments." But Screech and Lisa were surely missed!

2. A Hot Sundae vs. Zack Attack sing-off

We don’t want to seem ungrateful since we did get to hear Zack Attack’s “Friends Forever” ode lip-synched. But let’s not forget the ladies had their own girl group, and they almost hit it big for a reason. Hint: they were awesome!

3. A trip to the Max

The Max was the group’s favorite place to hang, so why didn’t they swing by for some booth cuddles and fries? Don’t tell us they couldn’t save it from closing!

4. A wrestling match

Not only was Slater an amazing dancer but a heck of a wrestler. Even seeing him in his team getup would have been worth it.

5. Someone stuffed in a locker

Why else have the reunion take place in a hallway full of lockers? Everyone knows they’re not for holding books—they're a much better place for stuffing a nerd!

6. This move

Did you know that Kelly Kapowski was the inspiration for the hair flip emoji girl? Okay, we may have made that up, but she definitely perfected the tress toss.

7. An exercise montage of some kind

These kiddos loved their exercise, so we were surprised that none of them pulled a Jane Fonda and lured us into staying active.

8. Jessie’s sick groove

We saw Slater bust a move in full leotard, but why didn’t his number one dance partner join in? 

9. A good deed or moral message about Jimmy leaving Bayside

Whether it was saving a duck named Becky or warning about the risks of credit card debt, we could always count on SBTB to teach us something. So why didn’t the gang make a bigger deal of their pal Jimmy leaving for Saturday Night Live? Couldn’t they have at least warned him about the whole Nicole Kidman debacle?

10. An attempt to do “The Sprain”

Lisa and Screech may not have been around to recreate their routine, but we still would have loved to see the cripplingly comical jig.

11. A plot to create a degrading calendar

Jimmy’s long hair was clearly a stylistic choice that could have landed him on the cover of next year’s “Girls of Bayside” calendar.

12. Eyebrow action

One of the main reasons why every girl wanted to marry Zack Morris was for his devilishly charming facial expressions. Especially those eyebrows. Give us some more of that.

13. Jessie’s feminist spirit

Jessie was a '90s feminist warrior. We were expecting her to champion women’s rights again, but her efforts fell short.

14. The Bayside cheer

Kelly was all dressed up—and pregnant!—in her cheer uniform. How about a quick rendition of the Bayside cheer?

15. Multiple wardrobe changes

If you’re looking for a guide to '90s fashion, Saved by the Bell is your go-to. While the outfit choices were on-point, we wanted to see a multitude of headbands, highlighter hues, and crop tops.

16. Zack and Jimmy scheming

Shouldn’t Zack have tried to get young, naïve Jimmy into a bit more trouble before he left Bayside? We think yes!

17. More Zack and Kelly

We’re trying not to complain because any Zack and Kelly time is treasured. We were just hoping for a few more adorable kisses and a continuation of their flawless love story.

Here’s hoping for a SBTB movie! What other scenarios would you have liked to see during Fallon’s reunion?