16 Things Only Sociology Majors Understand

1. Having a genuine fascination with the way people interact with each other.

2. Especially within larger groups.

3. Any concept you discuss in class will eventually bring you back to this guy.

4. And this one. 

5. Being proud of yourself for educating your friends on the differences between sex and gender.

6. Because you know that gender is basically socially constructed.

7. As is any other social institution. 

8. Having a strong opinion regarding the gender binary.

9. And hegemonic masculinity. 

10. And the nature vs. nurture debate.

11. Which causes you to want to crush gender norms and raise your children to be gender neutral.

12. Knowing the difference between a social network and a social network.

13. Feeling like you have a good understanding of the world around you and realizing why people act the way they do.

14. Realizing that you're pretty liberal when it comes to your opinions on social issues.

15. Giving anyone who asks you what you're going to do with your major this look. 

16. But still twirling on your haters because you know that you chose the right major.