16 Reasons Why Netflix is Better Than Boys

We all know why we’d pick pizza over a guy any day, but here are just a few reasons why our favorite provider of on-demand Internet streaming media is so much better than boys.

1. Netflix is willing to hang out with you every Friday and Saturday night (and never makes better plans).

2. Netflix knows exactly what you want. 

3. You can always form an instant connection with Netflix.

4. It doesn't matter what you're into – Netflix will never judge you for your tastes. 

5. You never have to dress up to impress Netflix when the two of you hang out. 

6. Netflix will be gentle with you when it suggests that maybe the two of you should take a break.

7. Your friends won’t get jealous if you spend hours a day with Netflix.

8. Netflix never forgets anything the two of you have done together.

9. You can end things with Netflix at any time with no hard feelings.

10. You can share Netflix with a friend if you don’t have your own (and things won’t get awkward).

11. It won’t be uncomfortable if your roommate walks in on you and Netflix in bed together.

12. People won’t judge you for paying for Netflix's services.

13. Netflix is always interested in finding out more about you.

14. Netflix never gets tired of catering to your needs.

15. Netflix likes to keep things new and interesting.

16. Netflix will never freak out when you express how much you care about it.