15 Things Brits Don't Get About Americans

I'm from the U.K., and after almost a month of living in the wonderful USA and interning for Her Campus, I’ve had a great time and met some amazing people. But I have to say, there’s just a few things that I still don’t get about Americans…

1. You drive on the wrong side of the road. Fact.

2. You name your vegetables strangely. Arugula = rocket; eggplant = aubergine; zucchini = courgette. 

3. Colour has a U in it; this seems to be hanging over the Atlantic somewhere.

4. American shoe sizes. Your feet are the same size no matter which country you’re in – so why have I suddenly gone up two sizes?!

5. American large coffees are so huge, I could take a bath in them!

6. You can’t drink alcohol until you’re 21 – you guys are way behind Europe!

7. In America, the first floor is on the ground level… what?!

8. Americans write the date backwards. It’s one of the most confusing things. Ever.

9. Your portion sizes are huge; I can eat half a sandwich for lunch and still have half of it for dinner!

10. Americans pronounce the letter Z "zee" and not "zed."

11.  …and Americans use the letter Z way too often; it's "organise," not "organize!"

12.  I think we can put it this way: your spelling is confusing.

13. Chips: are we talking about fries or crisps?

14. Americans' usage of the word "pants." Pants are underwear; trousers are… well, trousers.

15. Americans add tax on at the till (the register), whereas Brits include it in the price. Suddenly, great bargains don’t seem so great!

As a very wise Winston Churchill once said: “America and England are two nations separated by a common language.” I couldn’t have put it better myself!