10 Times Kim Kardashian Was All of Us

Today marks a very important occasion: Kim Kardashian's 35th birthday. The reality star gets a lot of hate for, well, just about everything she does (whether it's deserved or not). But not today—because we've got proof that we've got a little Kim K in all of us.

1. She doesn't always want to get out of bed

Literally every morning.

2. She ugly-cries

AKA you when you're still in the library at 4 AM/when you run out of snacks/while you're watching any show Shonda Rhimes has had a hand in.

3. She procrastinates

If this isn't you, you're really just lying to yourself.

4. She's a homebody

And now that we have Netflix and Chill...

5. She gets the late-night munchies

Haven't we ALL done this?

6. She acknowledges her weaknesses

Listen, we can't all be good at EVERYTHING.

7. She lives by inspiring words of wisdom

Well, it IS important to love yourself.

8. She captures all the most important moments in life

Don't judge—remember all the times you've based your brunch order on what'll look best on Instagram?

9. She's a go-getter

Love her or hate her, this is definitely something we can learn from her.

10. She uses her birthday to her advantage

Birthday immunity.