10 Reasons You'll Watch 'Pretty Little Liars' Forever, Even Though It's Absurd AF

Most Pretty Little Liars fans started innocently watching the show when Freeform was still ABC Family (and Charles––er, Charlotte––was still CeCe Drake). But now, somehow, some way, you've been sucked in to the alternate universe that is Rosewood, and like the girls, you're unable to escape. Despite Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily still being tricked into entering dark, abandoned places, the ridiculous amount of people who've been "A," and the fact that Jason dated his cousin, you keep coming back week after week––and you'll never stop. The following are just a few reasons why PLL always has been and always will be the best:

1. All of the ships

love pretty little liars spencer hastings toby cavanaugh spencer x toby

2. Reading and coming up with theories is SO FUN!

who is a pll theories red coat

3. Hanna's one-liners

funny pretty little liars pll ashley benson hanna marin

4. Even if your favorite character *dies*, they're probably not dead

5. The last ten minutes of the show are always so scary

6. You're waiting for old characters to come back 

pretty little liars pll rosewood pll s theories

7. All the men aren't too hard to look at…

pll toby cavanaugh caleb rivers taleb

8. Like at all

pretty little liars pll spencer hastings spencer jason dilaurentis

9. You just want to see Emily end up in a happy relationship!

pll emily hanna shay prettylittleliars

10. Most importantly, you just want the Liars to get justice and live an A-free life