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Elizabeth Taylor’s First Wedding Dress Up For Auction!

Elizabeth Taylor, a beauty icon and Hollywood starlet of yesteryear, lived in the glitzy glow of real Hollywood fame, and now her wedding dress from her first wedding is up for auction. According to E!, the dress could go for the low-low price of $75,000 at Christie’s Auction on June 26 in London. 

The wedding dress, designed by Helen Rose, is modest and stunning in its simplicity. Elizabeth, who’d been 18 at the time, looked beautiful and innocent in the off-the-shoulder gown that trailed behind her.Elizabeth had been pressured by her studio to marry Conrad Hilton in 1950 when she had just turned 18, as told by her biographer William Mann.  

What do you think? Would you bid for the dress if you had the money?

Roxanna Coldiron is a recent graduate of Hiram College with a B.A in Communication and is a current master's student at The New School in NYC. She likes to be busy, so she often works several jobs at once and takes an overload of interesting classes. Time management is her specialty! Her goal in life is to tell stories through a variety of media platforms. Follow her on Twitter @roxanna_media!
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