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Dylan Mulvaney Just Revealed Her Face Post-Op & The Fan Reactions Are Everything

Let’s get one thing straight: if the internet has a built-in bestie, it’s Dylan Mulvaney. On TikTok, Mulvaney is something of a ray of light on our FYPs — her positive attitude and infectious joy literally make my day. Not only that, but Mulvaney has also been extremely real and honest, especially when it comes to her transition. A trans creator, Mulvaney first went viral after starting her “Days Of Girlhood” series where she chronicles her M to F transition. However, on Dec. 15, 2022, Mulvaney took to TikTok to announce that she would be going on a break, citing burnout, being doxxed, and (of course) her upcoming facial feminization surgery.

ICYMI, facial feminization surgery (or FFS) was something Mulvaney talked about for quite a bit. Back in August 2022, Mulvaney posted a video with Dr. Harrison Lee that explained FFS and why Mulvaney decided to get the procedure. “Dylan is still going to be Dylan,” Lee says in the video. Mulvaney adds on, “Just a little bit… a more feminine version.”

After posting a few videos filmed before the operation, Mulvaney posted an update on Jan. 2 about her post-op journey. “Healing is going amazing and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” Mulvaney says in a video. “I still need 2-3 weeks before I’m back at it if that’s OK.” Unsurprisingly, fans were extremely supportive of Mulvaney, telling her to take the proper time to rest and heal before diving back into social media.

Then, on Jan. 26, the bomb dropped: Mulvaney took to social media to announce that she would be revealing her “new face” on Jan. 27. Fans of Mulvaney flooded the comment sections of TikTok and Instagram, eager to see the results of her surgery. And when the fateful moment came… it did not disappoint.

On Jan. 27, Mulvaney posted an artistically shot, cinematic masterpiece of a reveal on her social media. Channeling high-fashion and old-Hollywood vibes, Mulvaney’s face reveal should be screened at like, the Cannes Film Festival, IMHO.

“I just hope that all trans and non-binary people can get the gender-affirming resources that they need,” Mulvaney says at the end of the video. “Because this is life-changing and sometimes life-saving — so thank you so much for supporting me.”

No surprise here, but fans are living for the face reveal… myself included! Did somebody say, “mother?!”

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