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Dr. Luke Produced Jennifer Lopez’s New Song, But It’s Not What You Think

Jennifer Lopez’s hot performance of her new single, “Ain’t Your Mama,” on Thursday night’s American Idol finale is under a bit of fire. The song, which is about refusing to deal with a guy who acts like a baby because you’re definitely not his mom and you actually have a life, is quite similar to Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband.”

And it’s no coincidence. Trainor has writing credits on “Ain’t Your Mama.” 

Despite the positive message behind J. Lo’s song, however, people were more concerned with the fact that the song was co-produced by Dr. Luke, the pop producer being sued by Kesha for sexual abuse. Dr. Luke has been adamant in maintaining that her allegations are false, claiming that her accusations are only a scheme to get out of their legally binding contract. 

We guess it kind of makes sense that Lopez’s new song was misconstrued as a subtle endorsement of the troubled producer. After all, it’s just plain odd that a singer who oozes female empowerment would work with a producer charged with sexual abuse allegations. The reason for the odd team-up? 

According to a source at E! News, Trainor wrote the song years ago and Dr. Luke produced it at the time, long before Kesha’s lawsuit was filed. Lopez just returned to Sony-owned, Epic Records, after over five years of working with Universal Music Group’s Island Def Jam. Trainor had the song, let Lopez hear it and she ended up loving it. They recorded it in the past two months.  

Dr. Luke had no role in the finished production of the song and never worked with Lopez in recording it. 

We figured it was all a big misunderstanding and are glad that J. Lo’s name has been cleared! 


Kristen Adaway is a sophomore at the University of Georgia with a slight obsession of Twizzlers, writing and watching corny Lifetime flicks. When she's not consumed with meetings in almost every organization on campus, you can find her writing at Slant News or rocking out to Rihanna in her room. Kristen is pursuing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Sociology, and hopes to one day write for a digital publication.
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