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Donald Trump Says ‘You’re Fired!’ to His Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, The New York Times reports.

“The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican Primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,” spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement. 

Lewandowski, a New Hampshire native, has been with the Trump campaign from the start after he managed the campaign of former Ohio Representative Robert Ney, according to ABC News

“I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that,” said Lewandowski to Dana Bash of CNN when asked why he was fired. In an interview that took place just hours after the news spread, Lewandowski asserted that he and Trump are still on good terms. “I had a nice conversation with Mr. Trump and I said to him, ‘It’s been an honor and a privilege to be a part of this, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

An anonymous source who spoke to The NY Times stated that the move had apparently been in the works for many weeks and that the campaign is now “focusing on bringing the party together,” which includes hiring new staff members in order to fight a good race against Hillary Clinton. However, Lewandowski was the last to know about the change, according to the source. He was allegedly on call with Republican National Committee staffers Monday morning before he was fired.

To many, this move seems logical due to the fact that Lewandowski’s own antics tended to overshadow Trump himself. Back in March, he was charged with simple battery after a video surfaced of him grabbing the arm of  former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields in Florida, ABC reports. Lewandowski has been seen as a fairly controversial figure since then. Well, obviously.  

Even Trump’s own staff members were happy with the change. Michael Caputo, a Trump communications aide, Tweeted out “Ding dong the witch is dead!” after news broke that Lewandowski was fired. 

With all the controversy surrounding Lewandowski, it makes sense for the campaign to bid him farewell. However, firing your campaign manager under five months from a national election is a very risky move, even for Donald Trump. 
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