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Donald Trump Might Actually Have a Plan to Lower College Tuition

The Donald has once again grabbed someone’s ideas and passed them off as his own. 

The latest victim of Trump’s antics is former presidential hopeful, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 

Christie, who is now a top adviser with the Trump campaign, proposed plans to hold universities accountable for the costs they charge students while on the campaign trail earlier this year. 

The Associated Press reports that Trump unveiled his plan at a rally in Philadelphia Thursday night. He told the crowd that “one of the biggest problems facing young people and families today is the cost of college education.” 

A report released by the College Board last year found that tuition and fees rose about 3 percent from the previous year even though government reports found essentially no increase to inflation rates in the economy.

As part of his plan, Trumps says he will work with Congress to ensure that colleges are allowed access to certain federal tax breaks and other benefits only if they “make good-faith efforts to reduce the cost of college and student debt.”

Trump has mentioned the issue of college affordability and debt previously but this is the first time he has provided specifics on how he proposes to address the issue. Still though, his suggestions are pretty vague. Sounds like a great plan, Chris Christie, err, we mean Donald Trump! 

Sarah is a senior journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin. She hopes to pursue a career in political journalism after graduation. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys cooking delicious food, spending time with friends, and playing with her adorable dog, Theodore.