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Domino’s Employees Saved a Man’s Life Because He Ordered So Much Pizza

The Domino’s staff in Salem, Ore., makes it a priority to know their regular customers well. That’s why, according to BuzzFeed News, the absence of a regular customer’s nightly order was a cause for concern. When manager Sara Fuller and her team noticed that Kirk Alexander, 47, hadn’t order his typical midnight meal for several days, they were worried.

USA Today reports that Alexander had been ordering from Domino’s almost every day for the past seven years. Accordingto BuzzFeed, Fuller sent one of the restaurant’s drivers to check on Alexander at his home. When the driver arrived, he saw lights on and knocked. However, when no one answered, the driver returned to Domino’s and called emergency services. Two Marion County deputies arrived and heard Alexander calling for help, then forced their way into the house and found him in need of immediate medical attention.

The Domino’s staff members have visited Alexander in Salem Hospital, where he is in stable condition. No matter how you feel about the quality of their pizza, Domino’s is certainly a pizza chain that cares.

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