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Does Studying Abroad Boost My Resume?

I’m really curious about how a study abroad trip looks on a resume.  I’ve heard differing opinions, like it actually increases your chances of getting hired and that it doesn’t really make a difference at all.  I know it probably depends on what field you’re trying to go into and what courses you took while abroad, but just in general, is it seen as an added plus? Or just a waste of a summer where you could have gotten an internship?
There is no definitive answer to how much a study abroad trip can increase your chances of being hired. A more important question to ask yourself is the purpose of studying abroad. Why does it appeal to you? How will it help you develop as a person? What can you create in the study abroad experience that will give you skills or experience that will make you more attractive to employers? An example is a college student I met who wanted to study abroad in Paris. Her goal was to gain fluency in French and learn about the culture. She knew that to really learn the language and culture she needed to have valuable interactions with the community. So she researched study abroad programs and found one that offered internships at French companies. This satisfied her desire to learn French and gave her valuable work experience that employers would view favorably.

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