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Do You Remember Your Old AOL Screen Names? Well, Demi Lovato Just Revealed Hers & They’re Hilarious

Ah, the good old days of the Internet. You know, the days before social media hit and we would display our feelings via an away message or AIM profile. But covertly, of course, because we weren’t at the bleeding, open wound stage of things yet.

We also tried to create something that was symbolic; a cool name that let people know we were allowed to go on the Internet and also what we were about. For instance, I was GlitterGirl43813 and as a person who loves all things sparkly, I stand by this as true to my nonexistent brand.

Superstar Demi Lovato was not immune to the heyday of the Internet when thinking up a cool screen name was all the rage. Billboard reveals that in a recent stop at the SiriusXM radio show Morning Mashup, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer revealed her screen names were just as cringe-worthy as the rest of ours! 

“I had Demilicious and Little Kelly because I was obsessed with Kelly Clarkson,” Demi said.

Yes, you see, stars, they’re just like the rest of us with their bad screen names and love for Kelly Clarkson.


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What was your former screen name? Was it hilarious? Cringey? Or super on brand for you? Let us know on Twitter @HerCampus or @MissMeganMann!

You can listen to the clip below.

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