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alisha boe and camila mendes in do revenge
alisha boe and camila mendes in do revenge
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The Best Twitter Reactions To That Shocking ‘Do Revenge’ Plot Twist

Netflix may be on their way to a pop culture resurrection with the release of their latest smash hit, Do Revenge. The film has acquired mass praise on Twitter, with users praising the film’s refreshing plot, stacked soundtrack, and unique take on a story of friendship and feminism. Spoiler alert: This story mentions spoilers for Do Revenge.

But what makes Do Revenge so beloved by the Twittersphere, and why has everyone been calling it Netflix’s saving grace while on the verge of bankruptcy? It can be attributed back to the film’s blend of a star-studded cast in combination with a shocking plot twist that no one really saw coming. 

Do Revenge is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, and stars Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke and Riverdale’s Camila Mendes as two high school girls who set out for revenge on those who have wronged them. The trailer for the movie showcases the story of Mendes’ Drea being betrayed by her ex-boyfriend Max (played by Euphoria’s Austin Abrams) as an intimate video of her gets leaked, ruining her dream of attending Yale. 

As for Hawke’s character Eleanor, she seeks vengeance against her childhood friend Carissa for spreading a rumor that both outed Eleanor and painted her as a predator… or so we all thought. The two girls come together to take down their counterparts throughout the course of the film. Drea gives Eleanor an entire makeover to spy on her ex, and the two even spike their high school food with magic mushrooms to further invoke pain upon their bullies. 

But here’s where things get interesting. What Drea fails to remember at the top of the film was that she actually began the rumor about her new friend. By the end of the movie, we find out that Eleanor befriended Drea as a part of her endgame to kickstart her friend’s downfall. Shocking, right? Do Revenge’s plot twist took everyone by surprise, making sure to not let the audience in on Eleanor’s intentions until the end of the story. 

Eventually, Eleanor and Drea come together for a common goal: to take down a sexist Max and fight back against misogyny in the form of a teenage boy. And Twitter has been eating it up. 

Here are some of the best tweets that exemplify fans’ approval of the film.

Do Revenge is available to stream on Netflix now.

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