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‘Dietland:’ 5 Questions We Still Have After The Season Finale

This season of Dietland was a whirlwind. The life of almost every major character was turned upside down and back up again, more things happened than we could keep track of, and it seemed that for every answered question created another unanswered one.

At the beginning of the season we had no idea who/what Jennifer was. Now we do. We had no idea what Calliope House did. Now we do. We had no idea how far Kitty would go in treating people like trash. Now we do. We now know all the answers to these questions, but we’re still left wondering about a lot more…

1. What is going to happen to Leeta?

In the season finale it was confirmed that Leeta was not the ringleader of Jennifer, as the police believed, but rather just a member of the group. From Jennifer, we learn that Leeta organized a survivor’s group at a women’s shelter, but was then allowed to help the group with the murder of Stella Cross in an earlier episode.

Now, we see Leeta huddled on the floor of the beauty closet muttering to herself. She’s clearly in shock, traumatized by the role she has played in killing Stella. She starts whispering words like “jugular” and comments about “the whole head” being cut off. We see Julia try to help Leeta, but once she is arrested and Eladio abandons her, we have no idea what’s going to happen next for Leeta.

2. What is going to happen to Kitty?

Kitty finally has her job back at Daisy Chain (and a huge promotion, too). We might have thought that her days of terrorizing those who work for her were over, but it doesn’t appear that way. She shows some sympathy in allowing Dominic to work for her, but it seems he has to sell his soul to do it—and she even fires one of her closest friends at the magazine.

Sure she’s back on top now, but the show ends with some seriously disturbing threats from Stanley Austen. Is she going to continue unscathed, or will karma finally come back around to get her?

3. What’s going on with Verena?

This whole season Verena has been the nice one. We could even call her the calm and compassionate foil to Kitty’s nastiness. She’s always been about helping others, but when she feels betrayed by Julia and Plum, she decides to go out for revenge. In doing so, and finding joy in doing it, she shows a side of herself we’ve never seen before.

Verena goes to the police to turn Julia in as a member of Jennifer and lets them know who the leader of the group is, and it starts to seem like she might actually be the bad guy. Although we can’t blame her for wanting to end the violence that Jennifer inflicts, we can’t help but wonder how she can be so happy with herself for ruining the lives of her supposed “friends.”

4. What’s going to happen to Jennifer?

Because the FBI knows who they are, Jennifer (including Plum) are now on the run. Plum seems pretty motivated to stay with them. It seems like she’s finally found her place in society, and doesn’t seem ready to give it up anytime soon. But if they’re on the run, how much can they do to fight back?

And while running away from the cops, only a few of them made it out. What’s going to happen to the rest of Jennifer?

5. What other important issues are going to be addressed in season two?

This season covered everything from fat acceptance and self-worth to violence against women and sexual assault. While almost every topic that is controversial or important to wider discussions in today’s society were touched on, there’s definitely a lot deeper that the show can go.

We’re crossing our fingers and hoping for a season two because we’re more than ready for these questions to be answered.

Makena is the Decor Section Editor, and former Style Section Editor and Editorial Intern at Her Campus. She is a senior at Marist College majoring in Communication with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Graphic Design. One day she hopes to put her writing skills to work at a magazine or women's publication.  Follow her on Instagram @makenagera and Twitter @makena_gera.