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Defeat the Dreaded UTI!

Ask any college girl, the most daunting part of being a girl is the dreaded UTI. Also, ask any of those girls if they’ve had a UTI and they’d say it was the worst experience of their life. And they’re right. All ladies can relate to the discomfort of anything going on down there. It doesn’t seem fair that we can so easily contract UTIs. But girls, there is a saving grace, and it comes in the form of the AZO UTI Pain Reliever. As a recent victim of a UTI, I can assure you that these pain relievers truly work. These over the counter, maximum strength pain relievers make a UTI as bearable as possible. Working to directly combat the pain right at the source, AZO helps treat the burning, urgency, and frequency of a UTI. And the best part: it’s low commitment. Just take two pills three times a day for two days, and, like magic, you’ll just about forget you even had a UTI in the first place. Unfortunately, it can’t erase the memory of a UTI altogether, so I started asking around wondering how other’s experiences stacked up to my own.

Personal Account:
On a night not so long ago, if anyone had told me that my actions later that night would lead to waking up with a UTI the next morning, I would still go through with it. Not because I so desperately wanted a UTI, but because who can resist a cute guy? No one, especially when you’re into them. Little did I know it was this guy that would leave an impression that was impossible to forget over the course of the next few days. Every time I went to the bathroom I was reminded of the love that was I was left without. Thankfully, CVS was just a short walk up the street where AZO was waiting to relieve my pain.

Accounts of Others:

“UTIs are definitely the worst part about being a girl. I was with this guy for a few months and it was like having a nonstop UTI for five months straight. It was terrible. I was at the doctors almost twice a month.” –Taylor, Sophomore

“Well I’ve never actually had a UTI, but I have a friend who gets them all the time. My friends and I always joke around with her about wearing dirty underwear.” –Gabriella, Freshman

So if you’re like Taylor, Gabriella, or myself, and are plagued by the pain and discomfort of a UTI, do yourself a favor and head to your nearest drugstore. Once there, grab the AZO UTI Pain Reliever (only $7.49), and avoid the discomfort UTIs bring!

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