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December Book of the Month: The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men

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All my single ladies, are the American men just not cutting it for you? If not, all hope is not lost. We have the perfect solution you never knew you were looking for…

Remember these hilarious videos Windsor posted a couple months ago about meeting European men? That very same woman, Katherine Chloé Cahoon, wrote a book! Forget Americans and their lack of fancy-shmancy accents and footwear. Cahoon tells you exactly how to nab a European one.

In The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, Cahoon breaks it down, country by country. After steamy European summers throughout her college years, she knows just how to get you on your way to that perfect overseas afternoon date, weekend fling, or summer romance. With 40 sexy and hilarious tips ranging from fashion to safety to hot-spots across Europe, this book is a must-have whether your plane leaves in one day or the getaway is still only in your wildest fantasies.

So slap on a beret, start perfecting your ravioli recipe, dig out those foreign language worksheets from high school, and hunker down with Cahoon’s book (order it here!).  Granted, her tips work on American men, too, but it’s safe to say we’d rather try them on a Jacques than a Jack, right? Yup, thought so.

Lucky enough for all you Her Campus readers out there, we’ve nabbed 5 copies of The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men for you to win!

Sarah Weinberg is a student at San Diego State University, Class of 2012. She is attempting to overcome her aversion to multitasking as she pursues courses in Liberal Studies, Spanish, and Journalism. Sarah has always been interested in the “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the fashion and lifestyle industry with journalism being a prominent prospective path. Now, much of the time that she should spend working on homework and writing papers is instead spent pouring through magazines and lusting over ridiculously priced shoes, impeccably styled pictorials, and the glamorous lifestyles of the cover models. It isn’t unusual to find Sarah baking (anything with a large amount of chocolate), traveling (last stop: summer abroad in Granada, Spain), playing in her closet (never too old to play dress up), or hanging out with friends and family (how cute and cliché). She is currently a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.com and is thrilled to become a writer for Her Campus.
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