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Dean Unglert Just Explained Why Rachel May Not Want Peter as the Bachelor

Bachelor Nation is still recovering from the emotional Bachelorette finale earlier this week. Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo are discussing their engagement left and right, while some fans of runner-up Peter Kraus hope that a stint as the Bachelor is in his future. However, Rachel has reportedly claimed that she’d rather not have anyone from her season as the Bachelor. Given this tidbit and Rachel’s subtle dig during the live finale about the Bachelorette process not working for Peter, contestant Dean Unglert spoke out about why Rachel is seemingly against Peter’s TV future.

Refinery29 says Dean addressed the issue on Bachelor alums Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast Almost Famous. Anyone who watched this season knows that Dean is a total sweetheart, so unsurprisingly, he tried to see both sides of the situation. “I’ve had my jealous moments as well, so it’s really hard to say,” he said in the podcast. “But [Rachel] was so close to both Bryan and Peter and Eric obviously too. I definitely understand that she doesn’t want to relive any of their romantic moments within an entire season.”

Although she told Entertainment Tonight she was possessive of her season’s men, Rachel has named Alex Bordyukov as who she’d want to see as the next Bachelor. When asked about her choice, Dean seemed a little unsure, supporting his best bud Peter. “You look at it objectively and it seems like Peter’s got the whole package,” he said. “I think that she was just so emotionally attached to Peter…so she just isn’t ready to see him thrust back into that spotlight.”

Dean’s opinion makes total sense, and Peter himself has said that he isn’t even thinking about being the Bachelor. Either way, I hope that Rachel would still support Peter if being a Bachelor star is in his future.

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