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Daniel Preda & Connor Franta’s Drama Is A Big Deal If You Loved 2014 YouTube

2014 is so back. ICYMI, the Daniel Preda and Connor Franta drama is taking over the internet — and users are invested. The two content creators, who thrived in the “golden era” of YouTube, are bringing the drama to TikTok after Preda threw shade at Franta in a new YouTube video. Anyone else feel like they’re in middle school again?

If you didn’t have a Kindle Fire and internet access in 2014, allow me to catch you up. Connor Franta and Daniel Preda were both YouTube staples back in the mid-2010s: Franta rose to fame on the collaboration channel O2L, while Preda gained a following due to his public relationship with fellow YouTube giant Joey Graceffa, which ended in 2020. Honestly, since YouTube’s heyday, I haven’t put Franta and Preda in the same sentence. Well, until Preda called Franta out in a YouTube video on Joey Graceffa’s channel.

In a video titled “Answering Uncomfortable Questions with My EX BOYFRIEND,” Preda and Graceffa sat down to play his version of Fill Your Guts Or Spill Your Guts. (Side note: When did Joey Graceffa start making Jubilee Media/The Cut rip-off videos?) The two didn’t hold anything back, and when Preda was asked if he was jealous of anyone during his relationship with Graceffa, he didn’t shy away from name-dropping.

“I feel like in the beginning of our relationship I was jealous of a certain YouTuber,” Preda said. Graceffa quickly interrupted by asking Preda to name them, and without missing a beat, Preda responded, “Connor Franta.”

Preda went on to shade Franta further, saying, “But then I realized that he’s the most boring person I’ve ever met.” The tea is piping, TBH.

A few days after the video was posted Franta took to TikTok to confront Preda about his comments. And, y’all, he came for this man hard.

“And legend has it you are still jealous of me, Daniel,” Franta said, stitching Daniel Preda’s TikTok. “You have been sub-tweeting me, my name has been in your mouth and on your mind for years.”

Fans flocked to Franta’s comment section to call Preda out as well. One user wrote, “I fear you ATE sir” while another commented “daniel WHO????”

Preda hasn’t responded to Franta’s video yet, but knowing him, this is only the beginning. Excuse me while I scroll on Tumblr and binge-watch old Tyler Oakley and Sawyer Hartman videos to get into the spirit of a 2014-style YouTuber drama saga.

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