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Daniel Maguire of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ is As Anti-Women As it Gets

No wonder Daniel Maguire is besties with ‘Bachelorette’ villain Chad Johnson—when it comes to the two of them, it’s sort of like a competition to see who can be more sexist. Chad may have come out on top this episode, with his horrible, demeaning comments getting him the boot, but Daniel, we’re not about to let you off the hook just because you weren’t as bad as Chad.

We hate to give him more air time, but you have to see it to believe it:

Excuse us? He went on to say that the three girls he’d just met—Jubilee, Amanda and Carly—are “nothing I’d really touch,” speaking of them as if they were nothing more than objects for his personal enjoyment. News flash, Daniel, we’re pretty sure your touch has not been invited. He then went on to liken the women on the show to “stray dogs.” So what TF does that make you, Daniel?? Oh, right—he considers himself an “eagle,” that’s how high his standards are. Good for you for having high standards, buddy, but FYI, you meet basically NO self-respecting woman’s standards, so maybe reconsider.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, he was sort of a misogynistic mess for the duration of the episode, giddily declaring that rating women is basically his favorite pasttime, discussing with Chad which women they’ll want to “fuck right off the bat” and then also referring to women as fruit. In case anybody wanted to know, he’s looking for a woman who’s “succulent and juicy” (literally WTF?), but to his dismay, “so far the fruit here looks like they’ve been bruised in transportation.” Vom.

Hopefully, now that Chad’s out of the picture (though he seems to have a penchant for appearing when he’s least wanted), ~*feminist star*~ Sarah Herron will be able to focus her efforts on taking Daniel down, because he really, truly needs it.

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