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Swifites, “Cruel Summer” Might Be Eligible For A Grammy, *Finally*

Miss Taylor Swift has done it again, and at this point are we even surprised? It seems like Blondie has always got something up her sleeve. While my calendar has Oct. 27 marked with a big blue heart in honor of the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release, Swift dropped a surprise version of “Cruel Summer” on Oct. 19 — and my mind is blown. And now, the only question is: Will “Cruel Summer” finally be eligible for a Grammy?

Now this isn’t just a regular new release, but a triple re-release. Starting off strong with the live version from night one in LA during the Eras Tour, the next track leads is an LP Giobbi Remix (which is making me want to skip the holidays and head right back into summer). Finally, Swift finishes off the new release with the OG version of “Cruel Summer,” in case that’s still your cup of tea. 

So, does this mean “Cruel Summer” will sweep the Grammy’s this year? Not exactly — let me break this down for you. The Grammy nomination eligibility requirements state that new performances and albums are able to win a possible Grammy as long as they were recorded within the last five years. Any older songs however would not be eligible for songwriting awards. Take Speak Now (Taylor’s Verson), for example: The entire album would be eligible for categories such as Best Pop Performance — however, only the new vault tracks would be eligible for Song of the Year. 

Now, before we get to the bottom of whether this new release of “Cruel Summer” is eligible, we have to remember one thing: “Cruel Summer” was never originally a single. It wasn’t until the start of the Eras Tour that Swifties remembered how great this song was, and rushed to stream it. This promoted Swift’s team to release it as a single and, because we Swifties never do anything half-hearted, we got this five-year-old song to No. 3 on the Hot 100. While that version did meet Grammy eligibility for some categories, Taylor didn’t allow it to be submitted — as she wanted any possible nominations to focus on her new era. 

So, while we have yet another version of “Cruel Summer” released that is Grammy eligible, I think it’s safe to say that our girl is confident enough in Midnights that she doesn’t want to compete with herself come Feb 4. So, this truly is for the fans and the fans only. Thanks, Taylor!

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