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Submit To Commitment Culture With These CoupleTok Trends

Love it or hate it, #CoupleTok is one of TikTok’s most popular hashtags, with over 1.5 billion views. Featuring plenty of relationship content (both cute and cringey), the tag has been a major topic of conversation for the internet, especially between those who lack an SO; they’re either rolling their eyes or wishing it was them, and they’re not alone – the comment section of CoupleTok is filled with single people, too (one user commented “Pain is all I feel”).

But if you do have a significant other, making TikToks together can be a fun (and free) way to spend time with one another. If your partner isn’t determined to be an offline partner, showing them off on social media is a great way to show them how much you love them. If you’re not sure where to start, here are seven of the best, least eye roll-inducing TikTok trends to try out with your SO.

First order of business

This is hands down my favorite couple trend. Promoting oral hygiene AND showing off your partner? I love to see it! On top of that, so many of my favorite celebrity couples have done this trend, like Lydia Night and Dylan Minette as well as Maggie Lindemann and Brandon Arreaga. It’s not over-the-top or complicated – it’s very easy to do, so if you’re not exactly a pro-TikToker, this is the trend for you.

California Gurls

Most of the biggest dancers on TikTok are female (e.g. Charli D’Amelio, Zoi Lerma, and Addison Rae), so it’s refreshing to see this dance trend being dominated by men. The audio used in this trend, “California Gurls” by Katy Perry, is a staple of Gen Z’s childhood. The dance is fun, simple, leaves room for freestyling, and never fails to be really cute!

Like I Can

This one takes an intimate, usually cinematic-looking video of a couple set to a muffled version of “Like I Can” by Sam Smith. As the audio becomes clear, the scene pauses, focusing on a snapshot of the relationship. Essentially you’re making your own relationship edit, like stan accounts for TV show ships do. The users under this trend look so in love and it really does warm even the most anti-PDA hearts (e.g. mine).


The video montage trend also looks like it’s straight out of a movie. The heartfelt song choice and compilation of adorable videos is a perfectly lovey-dovey combination, and it’s the cutest Valentine’s Day, birthday, or anniversary video to repost on all your other social media.

Who got you smilin’ like that?

Your partner should make you smile, and this trend shows off what it looks like when they do. Using the “Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?” audio, users show typical Instagrammable, posed photos of themselves, followed by photos of them grinning at the camera because their SO is the one behind it. The true joy on their faces is incredibly sweet. If you have an Insta-partner that helps you with photoshoots everywhere you go (or if they love to crack a joke), this one is for you.

Slipping through my fingers

Just the fact that “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA is the soundtrack to this trend should be enough of a warning that it will make you cry. In this trend, a photo dump of your favorite pics of the two of you together is set to the track. If you’ve grown up alongside your partner, this is especially fitting. Make sure you prepare tissues for viewing the final product.


The “Lover” trend requires a minimum 3-year long relationship, since it uses the lyric “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, but I want ‘em all” to showcase pics from, well, the past three summers you’ve been together! Peak wholesomeness.

So go forth and make cute AF TikToks to show off how great your significant other is. Any of these sweet trends are sure to generate swoons from everyone else. Whether you prefer silly or sentimental, there’s an option for every couple!

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