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“Cosmic Love” Is A New Reality Dating Show Guided By The Stars

Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of reality show, a dating show with astrology-guided dating proves you wrong — Amazon Studios presents a new and innovative dating show called Cosmic Love. The quirky dating show premiered on August 12, and as seen in a viral TikTok, the show’s popularity has been multiplying since its premiere. 

Amazon Studios created the reality show in collaboration with celebrity astrology experts, The Astrotwins, who co-founded the global brand Astrostyle. Astrostyle is a media company for all things astrology through the lens of twins, Ophira and Tali. The pair are the official astrologers for Elle and are bestselling authors with a collection of astrology-based novels. The sisters have created an Astrology empire that “empowers astrology lovers to create a life of passion and purpose using the stars as a guide.” The twins’ profound knowledge of astrology and the extensive budget of Amazon Studios birthed everyone’s new late summer obsession. 

Read on to learn about Cosmic Love, including the plot and cast.

The show follows four singles — who represent each element of the astrological signs — as they look for love.

Cosmic Love follows four eager singles representing each element of the astrological signs (fire, air, water, and earth). The astrological star signs are Capricorn (Maria Rodriguez), Leo (Phoebe Davis), Gemini (Connor Shennan), and Pisces (Noel Allen). Their guide is a magical crystal ball called ‘Astrochamber’ voiced by Cree Summer and guided by Astrotwins. The Astrochamber is Cosmic Love‘s host and helps consult each contestant while they meet other singles. 

Throughout the season, the four singles have a chance to mix and match with sixteen contestants who also hope the stars will connect them with their soulmates. The other contestants who come to the exotic location play different roles. Some of the single contestants could be a “perfect match” for one of the four elements, while the others are brought on to distract or play the role of their “usual type.” The show focuses on the journey of each of the four elements and the people they find connections with out of the sixteen new singles. 

Meet the singles!

Maria Rodriguez (Capricorn, Earth Element)

Maria Rodriguez represents the hardworking, too-busy-for-a-relationship Capricorn and is a professional makeup artist who owns multiple businesses. She’s a huge family person and never misses a moment to shout out her Dominican and Puerto Rican lineage.

Phoebe Davis (Leo, Fire Element)

The model, entrepreneur, and fitness competitor Phoebe Davis represents the fierce Leo. She is a native of Spokane, Washington, but lives in San Diego. Her dedication to empowering other women through her marketing business and personal brand “Flexing Pheobes” exhibits her tenacious spirit. 

Connor Shennan (Gemini, Air Element)

The curious and indecisive Gemini, Connor Shennan is a wildland firefighter who loves music, sports, and the great outdoors. He currently lives in Phoenix but grew up closely with his family in Michigan. 

Noel Allen (Pisces, Water Element)

The romantic one of the bunch is true to his Piscean’s caring and artistic nature. Noel Allen is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He loves cooking, anime, working out, and supporting his clients through their body transformation and lifestyle. Noel was born to a Cuban-American family in New Jersey but now lives in Tampa, Florida.   

But can these four singles on Cosmic Love truly find love solely based on astrology?

This entire experiment, however, begs the question: Can you truly find love or compatibility only based on astrology? These four singles believe so. 

Astrology has become a trend among Gen Z, with a study conducted by MTV Insights in 2019 finding that one-third of Gen Z uses astrology to decide who they date. The idea that people will only date astrologically compatible people doesn’t seem too far-fetched if many individuals strongly with their star signs — but those familiar with astrology understand that the star sign is only scratching the surface of astrology. A person’s entire birth chart contributes to personality, goals, and habits, and two people with compatible birth charts will likely make great partners. But, above all, it is important to note that the most significant part of a relationship is two willing partners, which will trump all compatibility. 

Will Maria be able to release control? Will Phoebe fall into the trap of burning through her matches? Will Connor meet his twin flame? And will Noel be able to find his happy medium between freedom and security? Watch Cosmic Love on Amazon Prime Video now to find out if love is written in the stars!

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