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Corinne’s Mom Isn’t Buying Her Act on ‘The Bachelor’

Corinne Olympios definitely keeps us hooked to the TV when we’re watching The Bachelor, but are her crazy, hilarious antics real? Her mom, Peri Olympios, says no.

Her absurd shenanigans, from placing whipped cream on her chest to sleeping through filming to even spontaneously taking her top off, are all carefully staged to make her stand out—and more importantly, to make people remember her, her mother tells TMZ.

“[Corinne] decided you can be two people…the winner or the villain,” Peri admits. “She took it to the limits. Most of it is fake, even when she decided to lose the top, she had coverups on, when she was in the trench coat she had a bathing suit on a lot.”

Peri even claims that her infamous whipped cream scene was totally choreographed. “The whole trench coat and whipped cream thing. Do you really think a can of Reddi-Whip was sitting there in the corner? By the pool, in the heat? Really?”

As Corinne’s mama gives us a slice of reality, her daughter is still killing it on the show. Or at least she knows what she’s doing. But I mean, come on, she could have at least managed cheese pasta

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