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Corinne Might Skip ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Because She’s Holding Out for Her Own Show

Bachelor fans, rejoice—our favorite villain may not be gone for good.

Corinne Olympios was eliminated on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor after hometowns. While she broke down in tears after being sent home, only to curl up in the limo for a nap, Corinne says she’s over Nick. “It’s in the past. The feelings are done,” she says in an interview with Glamour.

And Corinne doesn’t have any regrets about her experience on the reality show. “I have no regrets. I really don’t. I’m really happy with the way the season went for me.”

She already has high hopes for her next relationship, too. “It’s very important for me to feel important. Because in my past relationships, I haven’t felt so important. I just feel like us women need to realize that we do deserve to be put up on a pedestal,” she says.

Will this next relationship be on Bachelor in Paradise? With fellow villain, raw sweet potato-eating Chad?

Not so fast. Corinne claims she’s hesitant to join Paradise because she’s holding out for her own spotlight.

“I just feel like I need my own show,” she says. “Sorry, just putting it out there.”

According to Corinne, there have been talks of her own show (Keeping Up with Corinne? The Real Corinne of Miami?). “America wants Corinne because I made America Corinne again,” she explains.

But if that plan fails and she does decide to head to Paradise, she won’t be going alone. Cheese pasta master Raquel might make the trip as well. “I’ll invite her if I’m invited. Yeah, that’d be really cute.”

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