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Cole Sprouse Reveals Why He Was a Child Actor

We’re about a month away from the premiere of Season 2 of Riverdale, and suffice it to say, I’m getting a little antsy. Luckily Cole Sprouse answered some questions about Jughead and his own career as a child star in a recent Reddit AMA

Cole reflected on his child actor days and revealed his original motivation for acting. “I think many young celebrities from my upbringing face a similar dilemma: Acting was, for a long time, a means to keep my family alive financially,” he wrote. “And being that I was put into it before I made a conscious decision to pursue it out of passion, the only definition I had for the artform was a business/survival definition. It affected every aspect of my involvement: my ability to improve talent-wise, my care, my choosing projects, etc. That until I took a large break for re-definition of that artform, I couldn’t possibly return.”

After taking a hiatus from acting to attend college, Cole’s interest in the field was renewed. “Now it’s much more enjoyable, and Riverdale is so much fun to be a part of. Now it’s passionate.” 

Does he miss working with his twin brother Dylan, though? “Naw I don’t miss that guy, he sucks,” he joked.

Cole also hinted at what’s to come for Jughead. “Jughead has been dealt a pretty bad hand. He’s trying to make his own path and it’s not being accepted. He has to acclimate, even temporarily, to pursue the questions he needs to answer,” Sprouse said. “He burns with a desire to help his father, currently his only real family member, and will stop at very little to do so.” 

Thank goodness Cole returned to acting because I can’t imagine anyone else playing Jughead.

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