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Cleavage Peek-a-Boo

Baring your cleavage might be great when you’re hitting the bar with your girls, or even grabbing a bite to eat. However, when meeting with your professor or heading into your internship, your cleavage will get you a look — just not exactly the kind you’d want from that guy across the bar...

Anyway, I personally really like v-neck style tops. I think they’re really flattering, but occasionally they are a little too deep. So very often I’ll pair v-neck tops with a camisole or a beater. This presents two problems. One, I go through a stack of camis and tanks incredibly fast, which isn’t exactly laundry-friendly. Two, sometimes when I wear more fitted things, having another layer does nothing flattering for my figure.

When I heard about The Winkee, I was intrigued. The Winkee is a piece of fabric that you cover cleavage with that looks like a cami. You control how loose or tight it fits by applying Winkee Dots on the fabric and then onto your bra. They are easily applied, stick well, and are easy to take off.

I worried the Winkee might not look like an actual cami, but I think it did the trick perfectly!

One of my favorite things about the Winkee is that you can go easily from something like your internship to drinks by just removing the Winkee and keeping it in your purse. Obviously cleavage isn’t necessary for a night on the town, but sometimes you might want to! Or simply, a tank isn't ideal underneath your outfit.

I found that when I wore a deep v-neck with the Winkee and a high waisted skirt to work, I could make the decision, after work, out to dinner, whether or not I wanted to keep it on. In this hot, hot weather it was also super nice to make my outfit slightly more conservative while not having to add an extr layer!

Get your Winkee HERE for $17!   

Winkee instructions from thewinkee.com

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