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ICYMI, Chloë Grace Moretz and her girlfriend Kate Harrison might be engaged.

On April 26, the couple was spotted at Disneyland holding hands, both wearing rings on those fingers. This has some fans wondering if they are engaged, or perhaps, already married. 

If you didn’t know Moretz was in a relationship, you’re not alone. Moretz was first spotted kissing Harrison in December 2018 after going to dinner together at Nobu Malibu, according to US Weekly. Since then, it seems the two have been inseparable. While they do not speak about their relationship much, they will share photos of each other on Instagram every now and again. 

In 2023, Harrison shared an Instagram story with Moretz captioned, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” tagging the actress. Moretz shared the post to her now-deleted Instagram account. This was the first time fans got confirmation on social media that the two were indeed a couple, and it was so cute. 

Harrison  is a fashion model who has worked for brands like Lands End, Inez, and DKNY. She often shares her work with her Instagram followers, posting photo dumps Moretz is sometimes featured in. 

Moretz has talked about her relationship with Harrison in interviews before. However, she told The i Paper in November 2022 that she likes to “keep my private life private.” Moretz is also a vocal advocate for queer and trans rights, which is especially representative in her role in The Miseducation of Cameron Post, a film about a teenage girl forced into conversion therapy by her conservative guardians. 

Her role as Cameron Post in The Miseducation of Cameron Post, based on a 2012 novel by Emily M. Danforth, was an important story for Moretz to share. “It was being able to work with a female filmmaker—and not just any old female filmmaker, but one that is a gay, Iranian-American woman. To have that chance to show this story through her lens was really the most exciting opportunity,” the actress shared with Deadline in 2018. 

Moretz also shared that working with Akhavan helped her feel more confidence and comfortable in filming. “My first sex scenes were when I was 16 years old, and for me, this was the first time I’d ever felt confident, comfortable, and truly proud of the sex scenes in a movie,” she sais. 

It’s unclear what this couple’s status is, but they are goals and if they are in fact engaged or married, congratulations to them! 

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