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I Can’t Stop Thinking About This Placement In Chappell Roan’s Birth Chart

When I’m not blasting “HOT TO GO” or “Red Wine Supernova” in my car, I’m usually checking out my Co-Star astrology app. With a sun in Scorpio and a moon in Taurus, I can admit I have got a lot going on, astrologically speaking. So, it goes without saying that I was pretty excited when I found out that the one and only Chappell Roan posted her entire birth chart on TikTok. You already know what this means: It is officially time to investigate Chappell Roan’s birth chart and figure out what her placements mean.  

Chappell Roan has always been iconic, ever since her debut album in 2020, but she’s recently been skyrocketing into pop stardom this past year. That just *has* to have something to do with the way her birth chart aligns, right? I mean, her mixture of ’80s and Pop2k influences make her music sound ultra unique and over-the-top fun — but could the planets have influence on her bops as well?

Roan may provide answers to those questions in a February 2024 TikTok in which she exposes her own star signs. “Ok, here we go. Rip me apart, you little pop-star girlie angels,” she said in the video. And if Chappell Roan approves of her fans dissecting her birth chart, we gotta do what we gotta do. 


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Chappell Roan Is A Pisces

Born on February 19, Chappell Roan has spicy Pisces energy. She missed being an Aquarius by one literal day. According to Co-Star, Pisces are “excessively romantic” and “prone to fantasy,” which perfectly describes Roan’s songs and aesthetic. She literally dressed as a medieval princess for the cover of her latest single “Good Luck, Babe!” Pisces are “dreamy,” “insightful,” and have a “rich imagination.” They are also super creative and imaginative. Those all seem to check out for our queen. 

Her Moon Is In Sagittarius

Roan’s Pisces water sign is balanced by her Sagittarius moon. Your moon sign commands your emotions and moods; it’s who you are when you’re alone. Those with a moon in Sagittarius are described as optimistic, with a longing for outlets to explore and be independent. Roan uses her music as an outlet for creative exploration, so I’d say this checks out. This is a win for the fire sign girlies out there. 

Her Rising Is Libra

Your rising, or ascendant sign, is how others view you and how you respond to your external environment. Get this: Libra ascendants usually love anything “beauty, art, and music” related, and those who are in professions related to the arts are “more likely to achieve success.” It’s official: Roan was literally born to be a famous singer. This is starting to freak me out… 

Her Venus Is In Capricorn

Your Venus sign exposes how you are with love and relationships. Those with Venus in Capricorn long for the real deal. Deep down, they want a stable relationship with someone who is self-assured. Honestly, Ms. Roan, I feel ya on that one. (Also, since Capricorn is an Earth sign, she officially has all four elements in her chart. How iconic).

Her Mercury Is In Aquarius 

Mercury signs reveal how you communicate and process information. Someone with a Mercury in Aquarius has an “eccentric” or “downright weird” way of thinking, which means they have innovative and unique ideas. Roan embodies uniqueness, so this feels pretty accurate.

Her Mars Is In Pisces

With her Mars in Pisces, her star chart officially comes full circle. Mars signs show your energy, vibes, and desires. People with this placement are creative and compassionate. It is encouraged that you let this placement unleash your inner artist. Chappell Roan is 1000% artistry brought to life, from her music to her campy style. TBH, I can’t believe how accurate her astro chart has been; I might need to sit down. 

Pisces’ Most Compatible Signs

Is there a possibility you and Roan would vibe? Pisces are most compatible with fellow water signs like Scorpio and Cancer, and Earth signs like Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. So what this is telling me is that I would be best friends with Chappell Roan? Fine by me!

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