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Channing Tatum Speaks Out About Brock Turner & Rape Culture

Channing Tatum is speaking out against rape culture. 

In a Facebook Live interview with Cosmopolitan, the Magic Mike actor had some very decisive comments when asked for his opinion on the Brock Turner case. You’ll remember the former Stanford student was sentenced to a mere six months in prison after the brutal rape of an intoxicated, unconscious woman.

“I think it’s tough. I think that rape culture is a very real thing,” Tatum says. “I really think it’s a horrible, horrible idea to let someone off because of possibly what they’re gonna be capable of doing. Because if you start doing that, where do you end? Where does that stop? Where does that line actually quit? I don’t think it’s right. I think [Turner] should’ve been punished, personally, but I also don’t know what the answer is, to protect women, to keep you out of those situations.”

After hearing that Turner’s sentence had been shortened, “I just couldn’t believe it,” Tatum says. “That is like if you killed someone, if you got caught red-handed murdering someone, and then just because you went to a nice school and you were a good swimmer, you somehow get a lesser sentence than what you would’ve for cold-blooded murder. I mean, that just doesn’t make any sense.”

We agree that it doesn’t make sense. And while we were obviously already fans of Channing, we are even more impressed by how emphatic he is about ending rape culture. 

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