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This Is The Inspiration You Need To Break Into A Job In Technology

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If you’re in college, you’ve probably been asked about what job you want to pursue after you graduate – which, as you know, is a way harder question to answer than it seems. Not only are there hundreds of paths your major can take you on, but there are also a ton of roles you don’t even know about at companies you’ve only just learned of. All you know is what you enjoy doing (which BTW, is totally normal and means you’re on the right track!).

Olga Naumovich, who works at the global alternative investment company Millennium Management (“Millennium”), can relate. As a double major in math and economics in college, she discovered that she liked working with complex transactions – but didn’t realize at the time that it could bring her to work in technology and finance one day at a firm like Millennium. 

And now, technology (and math and econ!) are a part of her everyday life as Millennium’s Head of Technology, Miami, and she feels lucky that her passions evolved naturally to get her to where she is today.

Here’s what Olga had to say about her role at Millennium and finding your passions:

Her Campus: In your own words, explain what Millennium does and what the role of technology is at Millennium.

Olga: Millennium is a global alternative investment manager. Our technologists work side by side with over 300 investment teams to build sophisticated tools that help drive our business.

Her Campus: What is the importance of technology in finance today?

Olga: I think the line between technology and finance has blurred: you can’t have one without the other. Technologists at Millennium work to develop solutions to difficult problems that can help us see more clearly and run more efficiently. 

Her Campus: In one sentence, explain your position to someone who doesn’t work in finance or tech.

Olga: It’s tricky! I have been trying to explain my position to my parents for the past 30 years. A large part of my role is cultivating new talent and creating an environment for them to succeed, but the best part of my job is that it changes every day. 

Her Campus: What was your first job in tech?

Olga: I’m a banker by training, but technology has been a part of nearly all of my roles at previous firms. Some of those roles include Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer, and Head of Client Services. 

Her Campus: What’s an important skill you’ve developed throughout your career?

Olga: Patience and listening didn’t come naturally to me, but they’re skills that I’ve developed over my career and it has paid dividends. 

Her Campus: What skills does Millennium look for when hiring in entry-level technology?

Olga: At Millennium, we look for self-starters who are intellectually curious and lean into problem-solving. Technology is woven into the fabric of our firm. For this reason, we also look for strong communicators who can work directly with senior stakeholders and collaborate as a team.

Her Campus: For someone who wants to work at your company, what’s one thing you would tell them so they can stand out?

Olga: Showcase your ability to learn new skills and to adapt to your environment. At the beginning of one’s career, it is especially important to be able to develop new skill sets or master a new task quickly. 

Her Campus: What types of internships do you offer?

Olga: Millennium offers US internships in New York and Miami. The majority of our technology internship roles are for Software Engineers and Quantitative Developers, and we also offer internships within Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and on our Technology Business Management teams.  

Her Campus: What advice would you give to women who want a career in technology and finance?

Olga: Proactively seek out opportunities for leadership. Be assertive and contribute to discussions. Invest in building your network. All of this will help build confidence.  

For more information on how you can pursue your passions at Millennium as Olga has done, head to their job board.

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