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Canned Hot Coffee is Coming to the U.S.

Getting yourself ready in the morning may soon become a little more bearable thanks to an invention for canned hot coffee from Shark Tank alum Danny Grossfield. Already a hit product in Japan, Grossfield’s version of canned hot coffee, which he named HotShot, will soon launch in the United States thanks to Kickstarter campaign and support from private investors, according to Business Insider.

Grossfield’s product involves both the cans of coffee themselves, the HotShots, as well as sort of mini fridge called The Hotbox, which radiates 140-degree heat to keep the beverages warm. Small and portable, The Hotbox will come in three colors and has a nifty handle for optimum travel. You’ll also be able to choose from four flavors: Espresso, French Vanilla, Caramel and Hot Chocolate, with coffee made from 100% Arabica beans from Sumatra. Don’t feel bad about ditching your porcelain mug for a can though—HotShot will use 70 percent recycled material for each aluminum can.

If you want to get a jump on this new product before it hits the market, you can pre-order a starter kit that contains one HotBox and 12 cans of HotShot for $69.99. The kits will be in January, just in time for those winter mornings when a trek to Starbucks just seems unbearable. Second semester just got a whole lot better!