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Can Donald Trump be stopped? That’s the question establishment Republicans and liberals keep asking. After a second-place finish in Iowa, Trump bounced back to win his third straight victory in the Nevada caucus. With Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada as key litmus tests, it’s clear that Trump is a major contender for this year’s nomination.

This comes with chagrin to establishment Republicans, who banked on the hubbub around Trump eventually dying down. Quite the contrary: he’s only gained strength and momentum throughout these last few weeks as an anti-establishment outsider.

Source: NBC News

With Jeb now out of the race, that leaves Rubio and Cruz to battle for second place, with big name donors flocking to both candidates. It will be incredibly difficult for either candidate to break his momentum, even with more contribution dollars. It appears that only a united front and a direct confrontation will slow Trump down, yet the two candidates are attacking each other more than ever.

Trump isn’t just some fringe candidate anymore challenging the status quo. He’s real and here to stay, with either optimistic or devastating consequences, depending on which party you support. His victory—by nearly 22 points, according to the The New York Times—puts him well ahead of anyone else as a clear favorite going into Super Tuesday next week, when 12 states have their primaries.

This signals the depth and breadth of Trump’s appeal, highlighting the increasing divide between politicians in Washington and the will of the people. His base is far from traditional, stretching across generations, geographic locations, and evangelicals. Trump’s message taps into a wide-reaching fear of big government trampling on the little guy. More controversially, his radical statements capitalizing on hatred, racial tensions and class issues clearly appeal to voters itching for revolution, and not the kind Bernie Sanders is promising.

His unorthodox campaign strategy only proves this point, according to Reuters. After trading shots with the Pope (who, for the record, historically NEVER gets involved in an American political race), receiving crazy endorsements, skipping debates. calling for bans on Muslims, and telling the media that he loves “the poorly educated,” Trump is a candidate hard to pin down or predict.

As Trump continues to win more races, his momentum will only increase, signaling to the establishment that he might be the candidate to back. Only time will tell whether mainstream Republicans will continue trying to block him or support what appears to be inevitable. The primary concern of the establishment is electability, and it isn’t clear that Trump could beat Hilary or Bernie in the upcoming general election.

According to the The New York Times, this victory will only encourage an already overconfident and brash candidate, who declared his victory by saying, “We might not need the two months, to be honest,” to clinch the nomination. HIs style, though alienating to Republican officials and mainstream voters, resonates deeply with many Americans, speaking to an overarching sentiment echoed on both sides of the aisle: The government isn’t working, and someone needs to fix it. 

The most important part of all this? Get out and vote. Make sure your voice is heard—for whomever you support! Not sure how to get started? Check out Her Campus’ guide to voting in the primaries and get out there!

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