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This is the Campaign Every Woman Needs to Know About

On International Women’s Day this year, you might have noticed something strange happening. Women began inexplicably vanishing from billboards, magazine covers, online advertisements and more. The resulting blank ads were part of a show of solidarity for the Clinton Foundation’s most recent campaign to raise awareness about gender inequality in America, entitled “We’re Not There Yet,” as well as their “No Ceilings” project. The foundation released the below video on March 8, and features some famous faces (without the faces), providing eye-opening facts about women’s rights in this country.

The video has already amassed nearly 500,000 views, although the amount of likes and dislikes for the video are split down the middle.

VogueTeen VogueGlamour and Allure are just a handful of the more than 20 magazines, ad agencies, designers, PR firms and celebrities who have signed on to support the “No Ceilings” campaign. Several publications released magazine covers where women had disappeared, symbolizing the disparity and injustice women still face to this day, despite advances in women’s rights.

The “No Ceilings” project provides data pertaining to women’s inequality all over the world, giving the issue a solid foundation in fact.

Nobody needs to tell us about gender inequality and oppression—we all face it every day: in the classroom, in the workplace, even in our personal lives. Women are still far from achieving equal status in society, although we’ve manged to come very far in the past century. There is so much more left to do, and that’s why we applaud the Clinton Foundation’s efforts in bringing this vitally important, yet rarely publicized (or talked about) problem to the limelight. Let’s hope this campaign sparks increased conversation about closing the pay gap, breaking the glass ceiling, or just teaching future generations of women to reach for their full potentional. 

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Journalism and political science student at Northeastern University. Figure skater, dancer, actress, and passionate lover of music.
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