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A Bunch Of Witches Teamed Up To Hex Brett Kavanaugh

Organizers at the occult bookshop Catland in Brooklyn created an event earlier this week to hex Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They closely resemble witches, just in time for Halloween spookiness. The shop held the festivity which was geared toward conjuring up misfortune on Kavanaugh, but also “rapists and the patriarchy which emboldens, rewards and protects them,” according to BBC.

The bookshop sells all things spiritual, including literature, tarot cards and healing crystals. Co-owner Dakota Bracciale told Daily Beast that upon announcing the promotion of this scheduled hex, the antifa group received numerous death threats. According to Alaina Demopoulous who attended the event, there were passionate protestors rallying outside of the bookshop during the ceremony, most of which were Christian-identifying. Throughout the event, the participants inside could hear chants and cries against this act coming from outside.

The Independent reported that one exorcist from California believed this was “a conjuring of evil, not about free speech.” Those that participated did not feel the same way. To them, this was taking action against a system that perpetuates violence and harm against victims. Even though the event was advertised as a hex, it also stood to be a space for “camaraderie, fellowship and support during tumultuous times.”

Co-founder Bracciale had made three effigies, or sculpture/model of a person, of Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and Mitch McConnell. She then encouraged those who wanted to add names of their abusers to do so. What followed was a reading of Psalm 109 and then “the Right of the Scorned One” where hex-goers embraced their rage by crying out a “burning soliloquy.” According to Demopoulous, the room became extremely animated, with yelling, stomping and cursing.

The final part of the evening concluded with “Word of Affirmation” where people who chose to could share stories of their experiences. The anecdotes included instances of abuse, marginalization and pure anger. Hex-goers came together to form this community against the fear and resentment they felt for the political disturbances taking place today. Some of those that attended didn’t identify as practicing witches but found comfort in the solidarity of the act.

According to Daily Beast, the witches have yet to begin their hex and have two more events planned before 2018 is over. Besides the theatrical performance some thought this would be, it stood to be a cathartic ceremony for those that need it.

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