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It’s official: Princess of Pop is back! Britney Spears is making her comeback debut in the music world after her 13-year conservatorship — with the help of pop legend Elton John. 

On Friday, August 26, the duo dropped “Hold Me Closer,” a spinoff rendition of John’s 1971 hit “Tiny Dancer.” John announced the exciting release on Instagram a week prior, with adorable side-by-side photos of young Spears as a dancer and a dapper John sitting at a piano. Spears responded in her own lengthy Instagram post before deactivating her account. “You can bet your bottom dollar that THIS collaboration will heighten my year by joining your brilliant hands of play,” the singer wrote. Spears also recanted a statement on Twitter, saying, “Okie Dokie…my first song in 6 years! It’s pretty damn cool that I’m singing with one of the most classic men of our time!”

Spears’s longtime and controversial conservatorship was dissolved in November 2021, freeing her of her father Jamie Spears’s control since 2008. Under Spears’s conservatorship, she was stripped of making her own life choices, such as being forced to keep an unwanted IUD, not being allowed to remarry, and her family living off her fortune while she was reduced to a $2,000 weekly allowance

John expressed how watching Spears’s conservatorship play out reminded him of his past self. “It’s hard when you’re young. Britney was broken. I was broken when I got sober,” he said in an interview with The Guardian. “I was in a terrible place. I’ve been through that broken feeling and it’s horrible.” John had struggled with substance and alcohol abuse for most of his young life but now has remained sober for 32 years. John added that he wants to use his trials to help fellow stars overcome their own hardships. In addition to the creation of “Hold Me Closer,” John believes it will do more than reopen Spears’s music career and will give her “so much more confidence than she’s got already.

The biggest question about “Hold Me Closer” is if it’s as great as the iconic hit “Tiny Dancer.” The new rendition emphasizes the beautiful undertones of “Tiny Dancer” while also bringing a pop spunk and synth beat. The release of “Hold Me Closer” has perfect timing for an end-of-summer anthem, possibly signifying the end of summer memories and transitioning into the new life season — perhaps a new school year, job, or relationship.

The song’s chorus is recognized immediately but with beautiful intertwining melodies of Spears’s iconic pop vocals and John’s calming tones. “Hold Me Closer” definitely has a quicker rhythm than “Tiny Dancer” — one that can easily be played in a club for a good time. Other notable takes from the new release would be John’s magical piano notes in the background, mixing nostalgia and vibrant newness. 

The biggest difference between the two songs would be the duration, for “Tiny Dancer” is six minutes and 17 seconds long, while “Hold Me Closer” is only three minutes and 22 seconds. Yet, the shorter length of the new song could push its popularity, making it an instant radio hit.

The anticipation of Spears’s musical comeback has finally been fulfilled and begs the question of what she will come up with next. Surely, it will be nothing short of iconic.

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