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Bridgerton Season 3 Penelope and Colin
Bridgerton Season 3 Penelope and Colin
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Here’s A Guide To All The Pop Song Covers You Hear In ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

Move over, Polin — Bridgerton Season 3 is all about the pop songs. Bridgerton’s been featuring instrumental versions of today’s top hits since Season 1 (Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” got Bridgertoned in the series premiere). Since then, we’ve been getting a lineup of violin covers that make you feel like you’re watching the show from the comfort of your Victorian mansion instead of your dorm room. With Season 3 finally here, it’s safe to say that your study playlist is about to get Bridgertoned. 

Season 3: Part 1 premiered on May 16, and seven instrumental pop covers premiered with it. From spot-on song selections to the ones that unintentionally made me LOL, here’s every pop song cover in Bridgerton Season 3 (so far — I’ll keep you updated on what other songs make the cut when Part 2 drops in June.) Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3 follow.

Episode 1: “Out of the Shadows”

“abcdefu” by GAYLE

“abcdefu” plays during Penelope’s show-shopping entrance at the ball debuting her Bridgerton glow-up. The look serves as a major “eff u” to the Ton and Colin for not giving her the attention she so rightfully deserves. 10/10 song choice, no notes.

Episode 2: “How Bright the Moon”

“Dynamite” by BTS

I know the ARMY caught this needle drop immediately! While the ladies of the Ton declare that Eloise’s talent is her dry wit, “Dynamite” starts playing softly in the background. The showrunners have a bomb sense of humor.

“Jealous” by Nick Jonas

This cover is super subtle, but it brilliantly lets us know what’s really going through Colin’s head when Penelope tells him what a great time she had chatting to Lord Remington at the ball. Well played, showrunners.

Episode 3: “Forces of Nature”

“Cheap Thrills” by Sia

Baz Luhrmann famously chose to use hip-hop music in his 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby so that modern audiences could put themselves in the shoes of one of Gatsby’s party guests in the 1920s. This is exactly what Bridgerton uses “Cheap Thrills” for. The stakes for each ball are getting higher as the social season goes on. While I can’t imagine using a piano concerto as my hype song before facing the Ton, I can see myself blasting “Cheap Thrills” on my way there.

“Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish

This song’s bridge is already iconic with its unexpected tempo change, rock sound, and rare belt from the usually soft-singing Eilish. Somehow, the fully instrumental bridge we get in Episode 3 goes just as hard as the original (and call me crazy, but it might even sound better). 

There’s something deliciously ironic about watching Penelope (aka Lady Whistledown) dance along to the lyrics, “And I don’t talk sh*t about you on the internet, never told anyone anything bad.” She may not have the internet, but she certainly has an ink pen.

Episode 4: “Old Friends”

“Snow On The Beach” by Taylor Swift feat. Lana Del Rey

If I had a nickel for every time a show played “Snow on the Beach” during a pivotal romantic scene, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice, right? The Summer I Turned Pretty and Bridgerton clearly know their audience. They also know just how much power Swift and Del Rey embedded in their only collab to date. “Snow On The Beach” is often underrated, but the gorgeous instrumental version that plays while Colin interrupts Penelope’s dance with Lord Debling is sure to bring the track a new wave of appreciation.

“Give Me Everything” by Pitbull feat. Afrojack, Ne-Yo, and Nayer

Bridgerton’s showrunners could have picked any song in the world to play during the carriage scene, which is arguably the most anticipated scene of the entire season, yet they chose an instrumental cover of… “Give Me Everything.” I’m sorry, I have to laugh. The song is a certified club classic, but it has no place in a nineteenth-century carriage tryst. Polin, sweeties, you deserve so much better.

I’ll keep you updated on what other pop songs get Bridgertoned this season when Part 2 drops on June 13. Until then, dear readers, I’ll be listening to the instrumental version of “Snow On The Beach” on a loop.

Fabiana Beuses is a senior at Florida State University double majoring in Media/Communication Studies and English (Editing, Writing, and Media). She is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at FSU. She previously served as Her Campus' Summer 2023 Entertainment & Culture Intern and is currently a National Culture Writer, where she profiles celebrities and professionally fangirls over pop culture phenomena. When she's not polishing her latest article, you can find her browsing bookstore aisles, taste testing vanilla lattes around town, or rewatching the Harry Potter series for the millionth time.