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‘The Bold Type’: 8 Questions That NEED to Be Answered in Season 3

After watching season 1 of The Bold Type, we thought there was no way we could possibly love Kat, Jane and Sutton more than we already did—but season 2 proved us wrong. We saw the best friends deal with many messy, controversial and emotional issues, but their friendship remains unchanged, as evidenced by their adorable Paris selfie in the season 2 finale. These women dealt with a lot this season, so it’s not surprising that we still have some questions. Needless to say, we can’t wait until season 3 to find out what happens next.

1. What’s going to happen between Kat and Adena?

OK, so Kat and Adena’s relationship has taken us on an emotional rollercoaster. Everything was looking great when Kat decided she didn’t want to be in an open relationship anymore and wanted to be fully committed to Adena, then bam, the season finale was like, “just kidding.” In the season finale, Kat realizes that Adena has been producing a lot less art lately. When she confronts Adena about it and about her relationship with her ex, Coco, Adena says her relationship with Coco was a lot different. Kat reads between the lines and interprets this as Adena saying she had more freedom when she was with Coco. The episode ends with Kat finding out that Adena isn’t coming to the party and we need to know where their relationship will stand.

2. Does Jacqueline get fired?

Let’s just start by saying that Jacqueline is a dream boss. She is so supportive and has, on more than one occasion, done what she felt was right, even when people (ahem, the board) might not agree. But in the season finale, Cleo warns Jacqueline that the board is thinking about replacing her. At first, it seems like Cleo might just be gossiping because Jacqueline and her have already had some disagreements before. Toward the end of the finale, though, Richard receives an email list of people who could possibly be Jacqueline’s replacement. Jacqueline had also made the decision to publish Jane’s piece about how Safford doesn’t cover her fertility treatment, which we can only guess that the board was quite unhappy about. Will Jacqueline lose her job? Of course we don’t want this to happen. We’d much rather see the board change its policy and also become more progressive and diverse.

3. Who will Jane choose?

In the season finale, Jane finds out that she can’t afford to freeze her eggs. Then, her boyfriend, Ben, and wannabe boyfriend, Pinstripe/Ryan, both offer to help. Jane has denied her interest in Pinstripe/Ryan for a long time, but he kisses her and again makes it very clear that he’s serious about her. In the season 2 finale, she admits that there is something between her and Pinstripe. Jane doesn’t know what to do, but she ultimately decides to be her own hero and write an article about how Safford doesn’t cover fertility treatment. Still, when she’s in Paris, she receives texts from both Ben and Pinstripe and doesn’t know what to do. Kat and Sutton ask her that if she were to get good news, who would she want to call? Jane says she knows who she would call, but doesn’t reveal who it is. Maybe she chooses to stay with Ben, maybe she tries to have something serious with Pinstripe, or maybe she decides to focus on herself and her friends. Regardless, we are impatiently waiting to see how this all plays out.

4. Will Jane find a way to afford freezing her eggs?

We know Ben and Pinstripe both offered to help, but Jane doesn’t want their help and we’re so here for that. The problem is covering the cost herself isn’t exactly easy. We saw Jane struggle to make this decision to freeze her eggs, and now she can’t even afford to move forward with it. Jacqueline decided to publish Jane’s article about how Safford won’t cover these services, but we have yet to see the impact of that article. Will Safford change its policy? Will Jane come up with other possible solutions? This situation is very real, and we’d love to see what Jane figures out.

5. How will Sutton progress in her career?

Throughout most of this season, we felt sorry for Sutton. She tried so, so hard to excel in her career, she still wasn’t over Richard, she went out with a cheater and she opened up about her strained relationship with her mother growing up. In the season finale, things finally start looking up. She and Richard get back together, and she also really impresses Oliver in Paris. We’re totally waiting to see Sutton’s hard work continue to pay off. She’s been slowly climbing the ladder toward her dream career, and she’s getting closer and closer. It’s clear that Oliver thinks she’s very talented, so what will happen next? Also, will she get in trouble because of the cocaine charged to her work credit card, or are we just going to continue acting like that never happened?

6. Will Sutton stay in touch with her mom?

Sutton agreed to check in with her mom every once in a while, though she’s had a hard time trusting her mom because her mom was addicted to alcohol and not really involved in her life when she was growing up. We’d love to see this relationship explored more in season 3.

7. Will we see Angie again?

Remember when Jane and Kat fought about white privilege, while Kat was simultaneously advocating on behalf of Angie, a seriously inspiring woman who applied to work at Scarlet and happens to not have a college degree? Jane filled in for Angie at her job so Angie could present to the board, and she killed it. Now we’re waiting to see Angie again, because we think she’d really have a positive impact.

8. Will Jane drag Alex into the fashion closet again?

We’re (mostly) joking, but how could you not love the moment in the season finale when Jane dragged Alex into the fashion closet because Kat and Sutton were in Paris? Jane paces back and forth, wondering what she should do and Alex admits that going to the fashion closet to gossip had seemed fun but it’s actually a lot of pressure. Even if Alex doesn’t join in on fashion closet gossip, we’d love to see more of him in season 3. He’s been around for two seasons but hasn’t had an in-depth storyline. Could season 3 be his moment to shine?

While the season finale left us with some unanswered questions that we *need* to know the answers to, we love how it ended demonstrating the strength of Kat, Jane and Sutton’s friendship. Political differences, gun debates, career struggles and relationship issues have threatened to get in their way, but these three women remain strong, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to grow.

Paige recently graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in journalism. She loves live music, coffee and hummus. When she's not reading or writing articles, she's probably fantasizing about traveling the world or laughing at her own jokes.