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Blake Lively Reveals Pregnancy on Her Lifestyle Website ‘Preserve’

If you’re a massive fan of Blake Lively (who isn’t?) and follow her lifestyle website Preserve, then you may have caught the sneaky announcement that she’s expecting a baby with hubby Ryan Reynolds! While we let you take the time to gather yourself and wipe away your tears of joy, let us explain.

Preserve’s latest post, titled “Falling for Family,” featured a fall-themed baby shower that would make anyone swoon. The bash-turned-photoshoot, which honored multiple expectant mommies, depicted everything from colorful paper lanterns and parasols to glittery apple centerpieces. The very last snapshot was the one in which Lively debuted her baby bump, looking beautiful as always!



Hmm… What’s that? Big news on www.Preserve.us Check it out… Who can find it first? #PreserveCelebration #bignews

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Lively and Reynolds met back in 2011 on the set of The Green Lantern, according to Us Weekly. They wed in an intimate southern ceremony in 2012 and have since been living in Bedford, New York.

Though Lively has done a pretty good job at staying out of the spotlight since she got married, she has made a few appearances here and there, including a reunion brunch last month with her fellow Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants cast members. But she sure fooled us with this one! From what we were able to see in paparazzi shots in New York City last month, Lively showed no signs of a baby bump (at least, as far as we could tell). Now, however, the Gossip Girl star is showing and glowing! We’d be glowing too, if we knew we were about to give birth to possibly the most beautiful and talented baby to grace the earth (because come on, with parents like these, what could go wrong?).

While details about how far along Lively is (or if it’s soon enough to tell if it’s a boy or girl) remain unknown, we know one thing is for certain: this baby will be one of the best-looking celebrity babies to date. Who do you think will be cuter, collegiettes: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ offspring, or Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s baby? Here’s hoping they’re besties!