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Jisoo’s Solo Debut Music Video Is Apparently Super Expensive

Jisoo in your area. A little over a month after the announcement of the BLACKPINK member’s anticipated solo debut in 2023, YG Entertainment shared on Feb. 21 that Jisoo is currently filming the music video for her first-ever single — and that its production has amassed the highest budget of any of the group’s videos to date.

“The music video for Jisoo’s solo track is being filmed in an overseas location in strict secrecy,” revealed the agency in a press statement translated by Soompi. “You can look forward to it, as we invested the largest production cost ever among all the BLACKPINK videos.”

The release of the record was originally reported by the K-pop singer herself through a post on Weverse, a fan community platform popular in South Korea. On Dec. 31, the artist replied to a post asking about her solo works with the comment, “Please wait for Jisoo’s solo album in 2023,” followed by a smiling emoji. Shortly after, the announcement was confirmed by YG: The agency backed up the news by revealing that Jisoo had already shot concept photos for the album, adding that she “worked on music production whenever she got the time in order to keep her promise to fans.”

“She is currently working hard on recording her solo album, [even] while carrying out a busy tour schedule since last year,” the statement added, highlighting BLACKPINK’s massive Born Pink world tour, ongoing since October 2022. The act is also set to perform at Coachella in April, but in January the agency added that, despite the active schedule, “she will greet [fans] soon with good news.” 

The 28-year-old singer has talked about pursuing a solo career previously. After her K-drama debut with Snowdrop in 2022, Jisoo revealed, in a 2022 interview with Rolling Stone, that one of her goals was to start recording her album. The title, tracklist and release date of Jisoo’s upcoming record, however, have yet to be shared. 

In the feature, the singer also detailed that, up to that point, she wasn’t really sure about what kind of music she wanted to pursue as an artist. “I love songs with lots of instruments. I love different bands and rock music. But what do people want from me? There’s a chaos of conflicting questions.” Jisoo is also the last of the BLACKPINK members to debut her solo career, following Rosé and Lisa’s debut in 2021 — with “R” and “LISA,” respectively — and Jennie’s in 2018, with “SOLO.”

Isabella Gemignani

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