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Best News Ever: Chipotle is Now Delivering!

We’ve been waiting years for this moment—as of this week, you won’t have to get up from your study session (or who are we kidding, Netflix binge sesh!) anymore to indulge in some guacamole-smothered goodness. Yes, that’s right: Chipotle is now delivering. We’ll give you a moment.

Chipotle is the latest restaurant to partner up with delivery app Postmates (the same app Starbucks will be using later this year to delivery its coffee), which models its service after the popular car service app Uber. The service will be available in 67 cities; orders are placed through the app or the website, meaning you won’t have to pause your Pretty Little Liars marathon to wait in a mile-long line for a burrito ever again.

That being said, this good news doesn’t come without a little bit of a downside—an editor at Re/code tested the service and found that delivery charges for an $8 burrito amounted to nearly $12—bringing the total to about $20. Is it worth it? Maybe. After all, addiction is real…

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