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Here’s What To Read This Summer, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every girl is a hot girl, and every summer is hot girl summer. And what’s the ultimate hot girl activity? In 2022, it’s grabbing a cold beverage, finding a comfortable spot outside, and cracking open a good ‘ol book. But with so many options out there, starting your summer read might be easier said than done. Luckily, the stars are here to guide you in the right direction. Get ready to look up your local bookstore, bestie, because here’s your go-to summer read, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Lessons in Chemistry by BONNIE GARMUS

The fiery and intense Aries is no stranger to excitement, that’s why this page turner is the best bet to fulfill their unpredictable nature. Set in 1960s California, Lessons In Chemistry tells the story of Elizabeth Zott: a scientist who becomes the star of a TV cooking show. However, Elizabeth isn’t just teaching women how to cook differently, she’s inspiring them to think differently. What comes after is a hilarious and exciting series of events about love, science, womanhood, and revolution. Bold and enthralling, Lessons In Chemistry encompasses all that this fire sign is. 

Taurus: This Will be funny later by jenny petland

Taurus is known for being a grounded and intelligent, so stories that are rooted in reality—like memoirs—will be best for this Earth sign. Our recommendation? This Will Be Funny Later is a memoir told by Jenny Petland, daughter of the sitcom star of Roseanne, Roseanne Barr. Witty, heartfelt, and totally real, This Will Be Funny Later is a deep-dive into the life of a sitcom family, and the impact of stardom well into adulthood.


The Candy House is perfect for a Gemini: it’s smart, innovative, and has a way of challenging your thinking. This book centers around a tech company that develops a way to download your memory, so you’re able to access all of your memories—whether you remember them presently or not. With a commentary on our current technological society, and a sharp storyline to match, this 2022 read is perfect for the analytical Gemini.

Cancer: this time tomorrow by emma straub

Listen, if there’s one thing a Cancer is gonna do, it’s feel. A lot. That’s why this emotion-filled novel by Emma Straub is the perfect summer read for our nurturing water sign. Kind of like a new take on 17 Again or 13 Going On 30, This Time Tomorrow is about 39 year-old Alice, who travels back to 1996 on the eve of her 40th birthday. Now on the edge of 16, Alice now holds a new perspective when it comes to relationships, growing up, and (most poignantly) her family. Funny, insightful, and tender, this novel is perfect for the heartfelt Cancer.

Leo: A Hundred other girls by iman hariri-kia

For fans of The Devil Wears Prada and The Bold Type, A Hundred Other Girls is perfect for the passionate and go-getter Leo. Centering around the headstrong and determined Noora as she navigates the toxic work environment of her dream job, this modern and diverse story is all about sisterhood, the media industry, and chasing your dreams. Smart and bold, A Hundred Other Girls is perfect for our Leo besties.


Nobody loves historical fiction more than the intelligent Virgo, especially if it’s a book that allows them to learn something new. Take My Hand is a novel about a Black nurse in post-segregation Alabama, who learns of the wrongdoings inflicted onto her young patients. Based on true events, Take My Hand is an old story that still remains relevant to this day in terms of racism, reproductive rights, and how history may have a tendency to repeat itself. And with Virgos always wanting to expand their knowledge, Take My Hand is a fantastic pick.



For the dreamy Libra, nothing is better than a good ol’ fashioned romcom. But for these traditional romantics, a bit of a twist never hurt. Hannah Orenstein’s Meant To Be Mine is about Edie Myer: a woman whose grandmother predicted the exact day she would meet her soulmate. But when that day comes, Edie can’t fight the feeling that something is off, and that maybe love doesn’t come with perfect timing. A deviation from the traditional idea of fate, Meant To Be Mine will whisk Libras away into a whirlwind story of romance.

Scorpio: good rich people by eliza jane brazier

Scorpios love thrillers, it’s just in their nature. To satisfy their twisted literary urges, Good Rich People is a novel about Demi, a woman who takes over another person’s life only to become the subject of a wealthy couple’s wicked games. This page turner has it all: deception, chaos, and an unpredictable twist that will keep Scorpios on the edge of their seat.

Sagittarius: shit cassandra saw by gwen e. kirby

The humorous Sagittarius always knows how to make us think outside of the box. And for that, Shit Cassandra Saw is the zany novel fit for this fire sign. Based off of the goddess Cassandra (who foresaw the collapse of Troy, though nobody believed her), this collection of stories is all about the joys, pains, and reality of being a woman throughout centuries. And while this unique book is hilarious and unpredictable, it still has the realistic lessons that a Sagittarius craves to learn.


Oh, the hardworking Capricorn. Even in your off-time, you’re still drawn to work. Luckily, Kirstin Chen’s Counterfeit is a sharp and thrilling story of law degrees, luxury, and the transportation of illegal designer bag replicas. Following a strong AAPI female character, this commentary on the model minority myth will be sure to have Capricorns on the edge of their seats.

Aquarius: Book of night by holly black

For our Aquarians, only the zaniest, most thought-provoking stories will do. And Book Of Night is sure to satisfy that. This dark and twisted adult fantasy novel is a ride from start to finish: packed with atmospheric language and a one-of-a-kind story, Book Of Night offers this air sign thrills, thoughts, and reflections. Known for their free-spirited and intelligent nature, this book will have Aquarians hooked from start to finish.

Pisces: Book lovers by emily henry

Finally, for the dreamers of the zodiac, Book Lovers by Emily Henry is the most suitable read for our Pisces besties out there. What do you get when you mix books, an enemies-to-lovers story arc, and a summer vacation to North Carolina? The perfect beach read for a Pisces. With the perfect formula for a classic romantic comedy, this book is a great read for our water signs and any other sign in the zodiac. Happy reading!

Nicole Wojnicki is an alumni of LIU Post and has studied Broadcasting Journalism. Nicole drinks Starbucks, tweets about reality TV, spends time with her two cats Shishka and Bob, works out and writes about her interests and life.