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Bernie Sanders Supporters Sending Death Threats to Chairwoman Over Nevada Caucuses

Do you remember back in February when Hillary Clinton won the Nevada caucuses regardless of the work that the Sanders campaign put in to win the delegates? Well, Bernie Sanders supporters certainly do. 

According to The New York Times, nearly 60 of Senator Sanders‘ potential delegates were found ineligible “amid a dispute over the rules” at the state convention Saturday held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Supporters of Sanders went crazy, yelling and throwing things. Eventually, security felt it was no longer safe for the participants and people had to be escorted out. 

Because of this, supporters of Sanders Sanders have been hashing out death threats, violent calls and other horrible messages to Roberta Lange, the chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party. “It’s been threatening messages, threatening my family, threatening my life, threatening my grandchild,” Lange said.

Some of the threats against Lange were published by the Huffington Post. Some called her a “stupid ass bitch,” a “coward,” and an “abomination to the humans race” [sic].

A spokesman for Sanders told the Times that the Senator does not “condone violence of any kind.” However, the Sanders campaign is still deciding whether or not they will challenge the Nevada results. 

Regardless of what happened in Nevada, the Democratic National Committee is hoping that all of this will blow over as people realize how close the country is to having Trump win the presidency. Sanders promised, regardless of the Nevada results, that if he is not the nominee he will help defeat Trump; Clinton has said the same thing. Either way, in their eyes and in the eyes of Democrats everywhere, a Trump presidency would be far worse than losing a few delegates here and there. Let’s just hope we can get there without anymore death threats or unnecessary violence. 

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