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Bella Thorne Tweets About Having A Dream With Her Late Father & I Am Very Emotional

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Bella Thorne recounted a dream in which she saw her late father, explaining that it made her wake up hysterically crying.

Grieving someone, especially a parent, can be a long and painful process, and have been offering Bella comfort and support, and sharing their own experiences with her. One person tweeted Bella and said, “Can totally relate…used to have dreams about my grandmother that seemed like a visit and she continued to age. Is it our minds…or are they really reaching out?”

To which she responded…

Bella lost her Cuban father, Reinaldo, in a motorcycle accident when she was just nine years old, according to the Daily Mail. His loss was tough on her family, who struggled financially during her childhood. She told MTV podcast Happy Sad Confused that she took her breakout role on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up to keep her mother and siblings from becoming homelessness.

In an interview on Sway In The Morning, the Famous In Love actress revealed that she had written a song inspired by her father, describing it as “really quite dark, and it’s literally about the way he died. And I wrote it on the plane—couldn’t sleep—and I was just chilling, and I don’t know why I was feeling really inspired, and then I just wrote one.”

Sending hugs and lots of love your way, Bella!

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