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Becca & Garrett Spill 5 Major ‘Bachelorette’ Secrets

After watching Becca and Garrett on The Bachelorette for two hours each week for the last TEN WEEKS, you might think you know everything about the newly-engaged couple. Think again! Her Campus talked to Becca and Garrett about all the behind-the-scenes secrets, post-finale drama, and trivia that viewers don’t know about. We’re so shook.  

1. Arie has NOT congratulated Becca on her engagement 

Tbh, this one really isn’t that much of a surprise––It’s not like Arie has a reputation for being polite. Thankfully, Becca doesn’t seem that torn up about it. “Honestly, I haven’t really talked to anyone because we’ve been so wrapped up in media and just finally being public,” she said when asked about whether or not Arie had congratulated her and Garrett, “So I haven’t really spoken directly with anyone. But no, he has not.” 

2. Becca literally fell for Garrett on the first group date

We saw a ton of hilarious bloopers during the Men Tell All Special, but this behind-the-scenes mishap didn’t make it to the screen. Becca almost face-planted during the first group date, and guess who was there to catch her––her now fiancé, Garrett! “It was really early in the morning,” Becca said, “I think we were filming at like three in the morning, and we were walking out of the location, and I tripped off of a curb and almost face-planted into the pavement. Luckily Garrett caught me, like, the last second, but that was really our first lone interaction together. But I was like oh great good thing I didn’t faceplant!” 

3. Garrett & Colin Kaepernick are low-key bros 

Despite all the backlash about Garrett liking controversial Instagram posts, one of which called out Colin Kaepernick, the two of them actually know each other from years ago. “I don’t think a lot of people know, but Colin and I were friends in college,” Garrett said. “We went to the same college and I really liked [him] and that still stand that way today.” 

4. Garrett has a crazy connection to The Amazing Spider-Man 

Okay, this is super random. Apparently there’s someone with the same last name as Garrett listed as a stunt person for The Amazing Spider-Man. Any relation? “Potentially,” Garrett said, “I know that my dad’s cousins were in stunts, and I know most of them were on horseback.” 

5. They have a fave pick for the next Bachelor 

It’s the question on everybody’s minds––who will be the next Bachelor? Becca and Garrett definitely know who they’re rooting for. “I think, for our season, there were a lot of great guys and as long as they’re a good person and they have good qualities about them, and good morals,” said Garrett, “I think for us, we’re both kind of leaning towards Jason.”  But Becca knows that Jason isn’t the only option, either. “Jason, Wills, Colton, Blake,” she said. “They would all be good contenders.”

Brie is the Sex & Relationships editor. She lives in New York City, where she studies psychology and creative writing at Columbia University. She is a feature writer and style writer for Her Campus National. She also covered Season 14 of 'The Bachelorette' and was the one behind all those snarky tweets and hilarious recaps. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.