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Balancing Old and New Friends with Activities

How can a go-getter (involved in clubs, jobs, and internships) avoid drifting from her old friends and neglecting a social life during her college years?

Old friendships are the scrapbooks of our lives, so you’ll want to judiciously balance old friends with new ones. It’s hard to replace the memories you share with: the friend you walked with on the first day of grade school, the guy who took you to the senior prom, or your BFF who was on the soccer team with you throughout high school.

But during the college years, you have an unparalleled opportunity to broaden your interests and experiences. That’s one of the reasons you’re going to college! Keep yourself open to new people and don’t let yourself be weighed down by old friendships that you have outgrown or don’t really have time for now. At the same time, plan to use some of your vacation between semesters to plan face-to-face get-togethers with old friends and stay in contact with them during the year through Facebook and instant messages.

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