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The Back-to-School Product That Will Change a Life

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So it’s past midnight and you’re trying (with all your might) to absorb a chapter’s worth of information from a textbook that weighs as much as a baby, but you find yourself getting absolutely nowhere. Multiple glances at a single page leave you questioning what you just read and all you want to do is cry. The good news is: we’ve all been there (on more occasions than we’d like to admit)! On top of that, there’s even more good news—you won’t have to experience it ever again! Why? Well, we now have a solution to your reading woes: McGraw-Hill Education’s SmartBook.

This innovative product, which is the first and only of its kind, will revolutionize how you read and learn by providing an adaptive experience that caters to your individual needs. Say so long to unbearable nights when you want to pull your hair out and awkward classroom moments when you feel unprepared. SmartBook offers e-books for over 90 course areas that will specifically pinpoint which content you need to review and help you retain the material once you’re done reading. Studies have shown that students who use the technology have improved their performance by at least one letter grade! Bye, bye, boring old textbooks (we won’t miss you at all).

The SmartBook experience follows a four-step process. First, you preview each chapter to get a general sense of the material framework. Then as you move onto the Read step, the software will highlight objectives and topics you should focus on. In the Practice step, you answer questions about what you just read. Based on your results, SmartBook gauges which content you need to review and concentrate most on (like that paragraph you read 10 times before understanding!). The Recharge step involves bringing back material you might soon forget, in order to ensure retention.

With SmartBook, you can change a life, literally (and we’re not just talking about you and your own grades). For every SmartBook purchased by December 31st of this year, McGraw-Hill Education will donate a textbook to children in need around the world as part of the company’s Read It Forward program. So not only will you improve your own education, but you will also improve that of others! It’s a win-win.

McGraw-Hill knows collegiettes are operating on budgets, so they’re offering you 15 percent off SmartBook with the promo code FORWARD14 through October 31, 2014! Snag yours at a discount, and change a life when you do!


It’s still early on in the semester, so take advantage and spread the impact of education by getting SmartBook – your GPA will thank you for it!

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