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Tomorrow X Together and Anitta perform onstage at the 2023 MTV VMAs
Tomorrow X Together and Anitta perform onstage at the 2023 MTV VMAs
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images
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You Can’t Stream TXT & Anitta’s “Back For More” Just Yet, Sorry

The debut performance of Tomorrow x Together’s (shortened to the letters TXT) new track at the 2023 VMAs award ceremony is on the minds of  K-pop fans. The song is also a collaborative effort, as the group had Brazilian superstar Anitta feature on it and perform alongside them. With all of the excitement and anticipation around this VMA performance, let’s just say that TXT did more than deliver on stage. 

The group describes their song, “Back For More,” as a blend of K-pop and Latin music with a more sensual atmosphere. They stated in a press statement prior to their performance, “We think performing at an award ceremony in which many music fans around the world are interested, is an opportunity to let more people know of K-pop and Tomorrow X Together. It is a bit overwhelming premiering our new song on a prestigious stage but we practiced really hard for it.”

To begin, how could I not include the iconic entrance with the introduction of member Beomgyu? Beomgyu appears in a solo shot while the stage simulates rain. He then performs a step routine while the water mirrors his movements. (It really looks like a scene from a movie.) As thunder rolls across the stage, the rest of the members unite and the song begins — keep in mind, I’m still on the intro of the song. As the group performs on their own at the start of the first verse, Anitta joins the stage through a back staircase and performs her verse, even dancing alongside the members (I’m looking at you, Yeonjun)! The ensemble, together with Anitta, then switches to a dance break. The energetic break leads into the epic conclusion of the song, and the movements and gestures are honestly reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s signature style.

Twitter freaked out (just like me!) and shared their excitement with a series of tweets.

So, now that the live stage is over, you may be eager to find it on any streaming site available. Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you that it is not yet released, but don’t worry, I know exactly when you can begin listening!

So here’s the big reveal: The song will be available on streaming services on Sept. 15! In addition, on Sept. 18, the group plans to release a TXT-only version, followed by a house and afrobeat version to streaming platforms. While the group’s performance at the VMAs was not the group’s first American premiere — the group performed at Lollapalooza in both 2022 and 2023 — the VMAs performance this year served to highlight the group’s versatility and significance within the music industry. 

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